Finding Balance

WHAT IS IT THAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR? Not every one asks this question   To get to this point takes some awareness that what you are doing is not enough, you find you’re searching for answers and what you have found is not enough. It might be that you have done very well so far, people envy your achievements. So its not very easy to admit that you are not happy even though it looks like you should have every reason to be cheerful.  Even so you CONTINUE WITH THIS QUESTION keep asking what is missing GET TO THE CORE what were your expectations when you set out. Is my life interesting enough, do I have the status I imagined, have I become happier, Do I look back and think I was better off before? THERE IS A TIPPING POINT –  WHEN IT STARTS GOING WRONG for some it is burn out, others create damaging addictions. This is way off he path very seriously. WHEN DOES ENOUGH BECOME TOO MUCH. Too much is an excess.  Excessive behaviour, Too many irons in the fire, not enough time, fatigue basically a time to declutter.    Usually this becomes obvious when there is  A SETBACK Something changed that cannot be ignored Initially it appears to be calamitous eventually it will be a blessed gift that forces  us TO RE-STRUCTURE.

These are times and events in our lives when we may have to stat again Thats when we get down to basics. It true that we never loose anything that is valuable to our future. We are learning all the time our experiences are never wasted. Could be we also have to study again, learn new ways This is REFRESH and thankfully rewarding.