Fear of Pain

A dreaded horror or a glorious triumph

Occasional Pain comes and goes just like the wind, our thoughts are triggered and re-triggered by happenstance, ‘Something I ate’, ‘a stitch’, ‘I stretched awkwardly’. Unconscious connections that we ignore, chances are that it’s nothing. Maybe develops to a persistent pain, not too serious, self medicate maybe Alka Seltzer, Rennes or Paracetamol.  Now what if an everyday pain becomes acute or worse goes deeper and gets a name, a chronic name. that is when what was a mild concern becomes a real FEAR.   Fear of pain connecting with an early pain. perhaps a toothache in the night.  Those long hours of pain with the imagination going to extremes; eventually help come in the form of an aspirin. Other similar pains re-enforced are the unpleasant memories. Each time you had no control and at the mercy of your biggest fears..

The function of pain is to alert the body. Medicine works by soothing the area of pain. The football coach runs to the rescue of the injured player. He carries a magic sponge one splash and the player was up and running. Sometimes we only a pat on the back and empathy, to freshen up our energy. These small actions are superficial what happens internally?

The body is not empty has the most powerful self healing allies. The Heart, nervous system, vagus (guts) and our conscious awareness. Day to day continuously the automatic functions of our organs control and balance our bodies. Our freewill allows us to do exactly what we want and we assume the body will take everything we throw at it without complaining. If our body does complain chances are we can pay no heed, rest up take it easy or carry on as normal. Sometimes we find out how ignoring the symptoms has consequences. how can we find our equilibrium amongst the fascination of our distractions habits and ego lead personas. One answer is to live with awareness, develop highly tuned physical sensitivity. Learning how to differentiate between those things that are positive and the addictions that weaken. Consciousness has its own way of promoting our good health. Did you ever have an anxiety that caused you to phone a practitioner or medical professional. Almost as soon as an appointment was made the symptoms began to fade. Thats because the worry of physical danger ceased.  In a situation of concern direct the breath to where it is needed, 20 deep inhales each followed relaxed exhales will restore calmness. This simple exercise can be done at ant time.

….connect with awareness to overcome each source of pain, live carefree