Was there ever a taller order…

….than to believe in yourself without hesitation.  They say “he who hesitates is lost” and we have all experienced the pain of missed opportunities.  And why? why do we hesitate?  Would we look silly if we jump on a whim?  Or should we research before deciding? Do we deserve to have a Golden Opportune moment. and sometimes that’s what it is a ‘Golden Moment’.

By going ahead, what are the deciding factors? It felt good, it ticks all the boxes, I like the offer, its just what i’ve been looking for. The idea of having everything, the cake and the ice cream. the whole nine yards is appealing.

Some one said ‘go for it’  How do you feel what is it about you that holds back does not deserve everything you have worked for?  Now that you have arrived, Is it too easy? If someone shows their belief in you: why would we not have belief in yourself? Doubts and fears have no place in our lives, The criticisms of parents, teachers and elders were not meant to destroy you but represented their own doubts and fears. That has changed, it’s different now.  You are an adult. Now is the right time to make a life’s adventure, opportunity is fleeting now is the moment to accept that good things are meant for us, events that we can look back on and marvel at. Put yourself in the picture, Imagine your future success and abundance. Feel the love that surrounds you. Create the golden bridge that bring good fortune.See that we are all architects of our own destiny. Be that divine person that  child that never did any wrong.