When the cards are dealt – is winning game is one of luck or one of skill?

When we pick up a hand of cards, Our first impression is important. We show nothing, we make a quick summary, decide which way will this hand go.  We watch the other players.consider our chances.  Life can be equated with a game of chance, our birth family, our country, our culture, education, health, talents. We can use all the faculties we are born with, at the same time we hide the discrepancies, keep the cards close to our chest. What else? We have our disposition , our default attitude. Positive or negative? optimistic or pessimistic? introvert or extravert? Why does a default spring to mind, when did it become ingrained.? and if we find ourselves leaning towards the negative can we make the switch.

On a physical level, it doesn’t pay to ignore anything that draws our attention, an ache, a muscle, joint, rash, or cut. Inside the body or outside. These are your warning signs. Small and insignificant. Take note. that is a sign,  we always have choices: Fix it, replace it or ignore it completely.   To recap.paying attention to the details keeps you on our toes. any time there is a reoccurrence we will know what to before going to far. Might be someone makes a comment, not necessarily a criticism, could be it was something that you had already noticed and escaped our knowledge. If it were true, making a change, big or small requires a commitment and sometimes courage.

Same goes psychologically, when we’re faced with a difficulty, something we have been avoiding or maybe we had developed a negative way of looking at ourselves.Could be we always told ourselves i’m no good at such and such.. That’s the kind of self-excluding attitude that limits the achievements in your life You will never know until you try. Could be we need to practice or study Study. get some advice, watch how others handle these things. Step up to the mark with confidence. ‘I did it my way.’ Good line in a song, have faith, prepare yourself, you’re next up.

One of Faith needs no explanation   – One of no faith needs explanation  – One convinced against their will will hold the same opinion still