It’s not all about the individual

Love  In an ideal world begins with feeling comfortable and in harmony the surroundings. Conceiving, feeling whole, sensing the fullness of life around you, Being at one with yourself and the immediate presence of peace. Absorbing the surroundings,   For example letting the day flow through you without resistance.  Taking a menial task with the acceptance of knowing there is nothing no more in important than what’s happening right now.  When the background disappears and the body feels full of an unknown substance that has no presence but fills every cell and pore..  Feeling like you are being held  breathing effortlessly and with each breath your presence grow bigger and far reaching.  The aura expands Visions occur spontaneously

For that to happen we have a responsibility to look after (love) ourselves. To live in society there are further responsibilities. Our community needs to be safe. Safe to keep us free from disease, safe in our homes. The community sees to it that the neighbourhood is safe, sewage, public health, hazard free. Our local authorities are regulated by our government with ultimate power. They are answerable to the public about once in five years and we have trust in them to keep the country running free from war, disease, famine and desolation. To do this our governments liaises with other nations and decide on international affairs. Conferences are regularly attended by our governments on a voluptuary basis and international  agreements are established.

These treaties are voluntary non enforceable when broken incur sanctions.  The world order is relatively good at looking after the individual, the community, the nation and there it stops and the money takes over. The responsibility gets reduced the higher we move up the scale.

There are some weak links because the health of the planet has been neglected. Running economies on a tight budget does not include the enormous amount of waste that growing populations accumulate. These same economies rely on increasing revenues in order to balance the books and the cost to the environment is not factored in. .That is the full circle. To look after ourselves and the radiance we long for, requires us to care for the ourselves, the community and the planet.