A joke’s a joke and sometimes not

When is the right time for a laugh, the one liner can be a risk. funny jokes, bets or dares are events just on or over the line of acceptability. Sometimes a remark can be deeply worrying, labelled as offensive  even though that wasn’t the intention. Our language is flexible and always changing some words were never spoken but creep into the vernacular. By becoming familiar insulting words are established and  the boundaries are gone. the vulgarity disappears and very often the speaker will not know the origin or the meaning of an expression.

Everyone enjoys a joke. Humour is a minefield for political incorrectness, its worth knowing that very funny is sometime hurtful and insensitive, can touch an unhealed scar.  Taboo subjects need tenderness, when  dormant traumas are unearthed accidentally and without the intention to harm sensitivity can be lost in the moment. A professional comedian has a script reader or censorship, want to achieve popularity without loosing his audience but sometimes choose to ignore the inner voice, has to stand alone with the ‘faux pas’ The option is to apologise If the offence is personal take the opportunity to talk it through. Stand up comedians seldom take responsibility for offence,

In a personal or family context these issues that belong to the shadow self, lurk hidden in our sub-conscious, secretly want to be resolved can become the means of healing for all the parties, listen to the inner voice, it is always with you it just takes practice to pay attention.