Correcting the balance

Whatever kind of relationship we form and there are many,  they all dependant upon,   magic, flow, synchronistic events and True Love, Even great relationships are subject to inevitable changes. Our friendships will climax, wain or eclipse if we want to go the distance we need to keep awareness of our habits, the things we do as well as the things we overlook.  Our attentiveness needs to be kept alive managed and revised. When relating we are aiming for a lasting success or a satisfactory conclusion. the last thing we want is to experience failure  Times change and we can expect to change with the times.

A healthy relationship requires Appreciation, Harmony Respect and Attention. These four qualities are essential, will stand up in any relationship. The absence of Appreciation is expressed by dis-satisfaction leading to serial fault finding.  Without being checked, niggling complaints will undermine the flow and destroy the magic, making nonsense of the compatibility.  The larger picture is that love needs to be supported and with our encouragement .     Harmony requires continual growth in the same direction with a desire to reach a common goal. developing a ‘give and take’ attitude is essential. Negotiate stumbling blocks with healthy discussion, bring differences into the light, find understanding, release the damaging entrenchment.    Respect. Relationships thrive on mutual-importance and equality. without which resentment will eat away at the trust raise doubts and poison the love. Communicating with contempt ,along with mockery, sarcasm, condescension, hostile humour, name-calling, mimicry, and body language such as eye-rolling and sneering.    Learn respect for equal human rights, giving each other the dignity of feeling whole. Practice Tender Loving Care.  Attention means awareness.   with positive attention our relationships become united and bring to us the love we yearn for  – Without Love life is pointless.  Aggression is always felt even if it is dressed up with politeness. Passive Aggressive behaviour hides anything from neglect to abuse. We want relationships that honour and dignify our past glories.

Summary: Relating successfully takes great care, trust yourself  to maintain heart connection, expressing love outshines all the material benefits. Our defence is in our defencelessness