You would probably think me smug as on the surface I appear self assured.  I aspire to breathe fully and freely, every conscious breath I take increases my ability to self-heal. I receive love and appreciate the love of others, my aim is to think well of all people even those in high places. I maintain my connection to my birth, daily become stronger, healthier and personally enjoyable.

The serious side of my life is to maintain a positive outlook. Standing up with optimism goes against the trend. Confronting misinformation and rumour  places me in widespread opposition with contrary viewpoints.  In effect I involve myself in discussion against majority viewpoints.

A sense of humour is a lightener, good humour relaxes tensions on most occasions. . The body needs to shake, the muscles are refreshed and the mind wants permission to see a different point of view and become free of outdated beliefs. I enjoy country walks dance yoga and  exercising.

When i’m not feeling self-assured or become doubtful and doubt puts me out of balance. I eventually reappraise there is always an option to change  by giving myself  choices I loosen up the bonds that keep me stuck.  The relief speaks volumes.