Holding onto our intention

We complain about people who break their promises, how many times do we break our own rules.  Oh! a mental or semi conscious promise to ourselves is not important but actually when we ignore those views that are important to us we are adding fuel to our disempowerment. It starts with a good intentions, “Today I’m going to tidy my room” “Ill read that book,” “I’ll tell them tomorrow,” just mental memorandums we make everyday that slip by. with the excuse, Oh! I forgot, or it slipped my mind.  These are all promises that we make to ourselves, so why make them without action without time. Are we saying “I dont trust myself to follow through, is it an annoying fact about ourselves that we lack intention?

I was told by a friend that he had 20 things on his ‘to do’ list  The next time I saw him there were 100 things on the same list after that never less than 200.  There is a lesson here the to-do list is useless without intention. Resolution is a quality that requires support and strength of purpose.  There are steps that are helpful.   Gather information, discuss your plans, take advice list the steps you need to take, employ assistance, gather the contacts and tools you need.  Assign the time, set dates and priorities on the list, treat yourself to the immediately doable, anything that you pass over too long needs to be re-considered, perhaps you need help or it’s not necessary any more.  That aside the ‘To Do List’ is the same as a shopping list, jogs the memory so  Set out a plan make dates and deadlines.