Achieving goals and ambition – declutter the mind

Some problems are with us for years and as if by chance the obstacles are suddenly gone, dissolved in the natural course of life itself. When it comes to long term problems we can feel frustrated and ineffective – nothing works. We try and try everything, invest time and energy, research,  when suddenly like the waving of a magic wand  all the solutions fall into place. All blocks disappear, we are energised and enthusiastic as the future opens up.  Do we rely on serendipity and coincidence to get our lives on track?   If to sit back wait on a resolution taking place is all that is needed to improve our lives, well that seems a bit flimsy. What happened to hard work and perseverance when all we needed to do was rely on providence. Why did it take so long to surrender?

Surrender does not come naturally, we are programmed to fight tooth and nail to get what we want.,the opposite of ambition. Nobody will give moral support a bad idea and the universe will detect our hidden doubts and all our shortcomings. To be truly creative we require high quality thoughts to produce realistic projects.  Further still, we need vision, positivity and confidence, together with the right intention. Letting go, call it surrender is the process of opening up a space into which new energy can flow. An original approach will be right for current needs of our time, so what  seems like chance accident is a reconnection with the truth.

Could it be that our environment is forcing us to take a step back, before moving forward to become clearer. Some of the time we just know what to do without being told. Self empowerment has the benefit of establishing ourselves as responsible creative and liberated.