Round and round and still in the same place

It’s ‘not too bad,’  ‘okay’ ‘alright’.  For most people fine but for you it’s frustrating, you have the admiration of all those around you but there is something missing, you know you could do better, Coming second, third or even worse fourth place. The excuses echo in your mind along with the backstory.

This is a problem that has its roots in the early childhood, when careless remarks made by doctors or nurses parents later on teachers and employers reinforced the idea that we were not good enough. We pick up these unconscious signals and develop negative mental messages “i’m not Good enough” “I always…”  “I  can’t ,, ” These messages are untrue and can be reversed.

The function of a Breathworker is to use a process of Conscious Connected Breathing to bring the sources of negativity to the surface. In a breathing session It is easy to expose the negative and with clarity change to the positive view.

There is another truth that liberates and allow us to shine.    Our achievements and goals are united with our self belief.