To be a creator in an eternal personal dream, how good is that.

When the invitation comes to take what is on offer. No matter how possible improbable to accept this gift of dreaming from the subconscious.  The door to the dreamlands appears as an exceptional gift to see a different part of our lives. There are many people that say they never dream or they forget them almost before they remember, that is annoying to say the least. To be really interested in remembering your dreams, the tip is to lay still when you wake. Every movement lessens the likelihood of retaining the subject of the dream, So lay still, ask the Dream keeper for the memory. Bit by bit and after not very long, the strength of your dreams will grow.

Dreams are a part of us that could be hard to understand, they put us in the spectator’s seat. The next step is to dream lucidly with full awareness that you are in a dream and can shape the process in any direction. Lucid dreaming takes practice the first step is to understand that you are in a dream and can interact with and shape the dream in any direction.

Three questions from a child named Noah (7) in a moment of sadness asked his Grandfather   Is this a dream?    When we die, do we enter a dream?    Is there an eternal dream?  Children don’t automatically censor irrational thoughts from rational ones, they are open to flights of fancy.  These three questions are for each of us to answer, we all have memorable dreams and  sometimes some of our dreams have been powerful and influential. The prize is an Eternal Personal Dream.