Untangling the knots

We were conceived and expected to be born perfectly formed although some babies are born with birth defects. Accidents caused in labour or the birthing process.  `Maybe not noticeably visible at the time of birth along with many birth problems are manageable and disappear in infancy. Pediatric Departments have solved a multitude of childhood problems and continue to improve the lives of hundreds of children, There are other distortions caused by adolescent lifestyle traumas that are instrumental in creating lopsidedness our adult life….   The image shown here is ‘The Invader’ by Michael Ayrton.

Regular verbal or physical punishments causes the body to defensibly twist. Ever ready to cringe, run or dodge a blow, the child will avoid responsibility by lying, will vow revenge, will become sly, disrespectful of authority. When wrongfully accused the child at worse can grow up unmanageable outside the control of parents and teachers and difficult to employ.

Muscles that have tightened are the symptoms of mental anguish in the body, head on one side, a squint, a shoulder higher than the other, hips unaligned can lead to spinal weaknesses, the upshot is that gradually the body becomes restricted does  not stand or sit up straight. The body, the face and the posture become a book easily read.

We all share the beauty of  bodies that respond to healing whenever we look for a change. We can transform ourselves at any time.  An abundance of therapeutic body work is available to us.  Structural physiological and the accompanying psychological thought patterns are transformed by the combination of Breathwork and Body work. Effectively by releasing through the breath and body memory.

Bodywork examples commonly recommend are,  Sacral Cranial Osteopathy., Rolfing., Reflectology., Chiropractic,, Postural integration., Shiatsu,, Yoga., Postural alignment., and of course Rebirthing breathwork.