Tit for tat

There is a bit of retaliation going on, doesn’t that sound innocent? of course it implies that two people or groups are upset with each other, have not communicated but have sought to answer one offence with another. At this stage nobody is showing their hand, it is likely that neither will risk being openly aggressive – we call it passive aggressive.

In essence it shows cowardliness on both sides, potentially they have turned friendship into mistrust, what have we learnt we can’t leave things the way they are, should we not get our own back, tit for tat. A whisper behind closed doors, gossip tinged with a half truth, that will show them. Backstabbing followed by fake News, countered by a reprisal, the grudge gets shared by an ally and a collection of allies become influential could be now that harm happens.

We learn to get our own back its childish especially if the heads of governments use the same tactics. How we solve our problems is not by revenge. Escalation only makes the situation worse. Make it clear It is not the person but the behaviour that is causing offence, the behaviour that brings up feelings of anger, resentment mistrust. Find out what is causing the behaviour acknowledge that cause was not the intention, find a solution that works for all, both parties are valid and both have the potential to heal their wounds.