Sometimes a lot is a little and little is a lot, it comes down to the application of talent and finding the inspiration, The magic of the flow is only felt when one thing leads automatically to the next.  It happens with almost everything we do. Speaking, writing, shopping, travelling, or reading the menu. Any kind of struggle is unnatural, getting ourselves stuck is horrendous, as is turning back.

When reaching a block is a time to look at our intentions. Reflecting on what it it is we wish to achieve. Questioning and how we do that. The options are always there, Discussion, research, re-creation, sport, walking, reading, meditation retreats, sabbatical.  Our creativity is dependent on the quality of our thoughts. To achieve success we need high quality thoughts, to have quality thoughts relies on our connection to our higher self. by reading heavy metaphysical books, listening to the teachings of spiritual masters. Keeping the company of positive people. None of these things are out of reach achieve one and the next will follow.

I would add here that blocks have a direct link to the way we travelled through the birth canal. It’s not everybody that has memory of their birth, such an eventful time and influential on the patterns of behaviour that run through a lifetime. By breathing with a breath worker, we can gain access to our initial thoughts and feelings.