The first priority is to feel good inside

Pleasure is not imaginary. There is a warm glow that is soft at the same time as it is strong, A natural high that comes spontaneously producing long lasting endorphins generated by the vagus with a chemistry that comes from clean living, your persona recognised as charismatic and attractive.  Pleasure is to be enjoyed, a heartfelt inner feeling. The sort of pleasure that is contagious in a good way.  Shared with those around you influenced by the intangible

Commonly when everything is coming up roses we can become suspicious, maybe there is a thought that this is too good to be true. Such phrases as ‘the honeymoon period’ carry this expectation.  With this mindset we lose trust and completely ignore the idea that ‘thought is creative,’  by being out of sync with our desire for that ‘happy ever after’ result. Because our thoughts have amazing power, there is no need for us to make excuses or seek to blame the loss of our dream on outside influences when in fact there will always be a silver lining and an opportunity to rise above.

Time to become optimistic. develop an up-beat attitude, dismiss the killjoys that come with their stories of conspiracy theories. Edison tested and repeated hundreds of experiments before he invented the ‘Light bulb’ Einstein persevered endlessly to establish new laws of physics and mathematics with transformational results in the modern world.

Check it out are these statements true? Take a deep breath turn them around, learn from it, prepare,  Become a winner, be deserving, make the goals doable, feel good whatever happens. The Olympian lives a spartan life, their aim is to be the world best. We don’t have to do that, but we can do is our best and when thats happens we have no reason for disappointment.