When I look back over a lifetime of the decisions and choices i made, would I have any regret?  Would i have made different choices,or is there anyone living with whom I would have like to swap places. No!  not really,when I look at the course my life has taken so far, the strange thing is, I see my decisions even the difficult ones have given me satisfaction. To continue the fantasizing further would I have chosen different parents from my birth parents. Again when I examine the lives of friends I see that the grass has not been greener on the other side of the fence.

Would I have followed a different career? studied more or less, married differently? No! Would I have said this twenty or thirty years ago, no of course not I was failing in all departments. What has lead me to transform myself, came out of the blue, and it’s the same for all of us.  We can struggle on or let go he struggle.  We can be a victim of circumstances or take our responsibility, sink or swim. The option is immaterial, if we are still alive now the outcome was correct.  The key is by leaving enough room for fate to take a hand, the destiny changes.

Forget about hindsight, missed opportunities, regret and blame the important difference is, enjoy the excitement of a beautiful transformational moment that can take you beyond your wildest dreams..