The illusional concept of fairness
  • No such thing! as fairness. Claiming “it’s not fair” is a bluff. The correct statement would be “I don’t feel comfortable with this arrangement”.  When there is a need for negotiation all parties require a discussion, until at least all sides feel comfortable or one side yields. Such a compromise can exist, will carry a grievance for years, even generations,
  • Eventually, we all learn to live with unfairness as being  irrelevant concept to forget about. That might take ages we can be stubborn.  In our disputes we are not obliged to take a hard stance. There will be times when we have to take responsibilities for our feelings, being stuck with a sense of injustice is damaging, can remain embedded in our DNA for decades.  Unspoken, traumatic shadows in the family history. Past life events, family history reverberate through the generations: wars, revolutions, persecution, forced migration, famine, plagues, crime and punishment  In present life  birth defects, abuse, lies slander and misrepresentation, redundancy divorce and changes in general. Create a  strong feelings of powerlessness and outrage. We could be forgiven for thinking that our misfortunes cannot be overcome and we subsequently look for sympathy, make our excuses or concoct elaborate stories.
  • Time, it calls on us individually to change our perception of those things that we cannot change will be resolved in the natural course of life itself. Learning forgiveness, is a  gift of relief, releasing us from a burden.The sooner the better