When do we really shine

A good morning glow, feeling ready for anything physically emotionally or mentality. That’s what we want to feel every day with an all day satisfaction. The first feeling of the day does not needs to be aches and pains dreading tasks and challenges, we want to wake fully refreshed.

Our bodies are very sensible we know when something is not right. It is our responsibility to pay attention and ask ourselves questions.  Do I work too hard, better still am I enjoying my work, Am I achieving my goals. Am I giving myself quality time. Easy questions to answer, if answers are needed who do I listen to for genuine advice? Keep your own council, nobody needs to be coerced or brow beaten Only you will know what feels best.  Sometimes the right answer comes by sheer coincidence other times something has to be done for change to happen. A lucky break always feels good especially if you see a new beginning that takes you into the future you always imagined.

When we are given a golden opportunity it’s good to understand that it has come at the right time and is well earnt, if you fit in with comfort it that means you were ready for change and will move forward with well deserved confidence, your whole persona will shine