My age is evidence of my ability to overcome sicknesses.
My life’s experience has given me a strong immunity and the ability to heal.
I breath fully and freely, every breath I take increases my ability to heal.
I receive love and appreciate the love of others, I do not have to be ill to be loved.
As I heal, I daily become stronger, healthier and more youthful.

Laughter is the best medicine.
This week I’m seeing the effect of humour during my isolation. On the
Media, (Twitter, Facebook WhatsApp,) People are circulating comical posts
That lighten the moment. More than that they heighten the moment and
Cause me to lol (laugh out loud). The body needs to shake, the muscles
are refreshed and the mind wants permission to see a different point
of view and escape the gloom of rational beliefs. Note that bad language
in these circumstances is more acceptable than you think