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Holistic Health

Venue: Westcot

The road to full and healthy lifestyle is not done in one step. It is an evolving process. Much of the rebirthing covers a major part of this work, added to which we have our resident Health Consultant in Rita Schmid Subject to Covid-19 rulings

Cold Water

Venue: TBA

We take our first breath of air on delivery from the womb. Until that moment we were breathing embryonic fluid. A lot happens in the birthing process, unhelpful memories can be deeply stored in the subconscious. Through rebirthing those memories make way to the beautiful experiences of freedom..   Assisted water rebirthing in warm water helps to create the room for new freedom. This step is a usually taken after having completed at least  4 - 5 dry sessions and a wet rebirth session is a usually followed by a dry rebirth


12/08/2023 10:00 am

Venue: The Mole Valley on the North Downs

This is a Guided walk using energy of the natural surroundings to connect yourself back with the Elements. With observation of what you feel and see and using the Seven Sacred Directions of The Medicine Wheel. Find the ability to stretch beyond the limitations of what you know, enter the unknown with the intention of Creating a Vision for yourself, Dress for the weather, wear walking shoes. Bring Water and a light snack. COST: £50 per person


Venue: to be announced

Beautiful Covent Garden Venue Introducing Breathwork Re-birthing. These sessions include a short introduction to Breathwork by a very experienced Rebirther. There will be a 30 minute explorative 'Breathe' which enables participants to experience the potential of breathwork and at the same time remain centred and grounded. Wear comfortable clothing bring a mat and a blanket