'The Discover-Recover workshop was incredibly beneficial to me. As a visual person more than a theoretical one, I still keep thinking back to the 'Tree Exercise' we did and the basket of apples. This particular exercise gave me the most important and valuable message. The 2 days have stayed in my mind and aided my journey forward. I would recommend everyone to take part in the Discover- Recover Workshops.

Shaun S.

Really enjoyed the workshop it has been very useful.


I am so pleased to have taken part in the Discover-Recover Workshop. I felt so much more aware and balanced in my journey. The tools and knowledge I received on the course have continued to stick with me and have become a part of my life. My mindfulness and understanding has improved and I feel a great sense of balance since attending. Terry & Rita are so welcoming and perfect for sharing and teaching such knowledge and tools. It would be beneficial for everyone.

Jackie B.

The Discover-Recover workshop gave me a good appreciation of myself and others. Things i learnt will be useful for the future and Yes I would recommend Discover - Recover to everyone.


I received a detailed and accurate understanding of myself, I now feel that I have a practice that will help me to improve myself. The Tree of Life Process was especially helpful.

Greg Pearson

My favourite parts of the Workshop was learning how to keep a healthy balance, improve my intuition and feeling confident about achieving my goals. At the end of the workshop I feel that I am set up to go for it and I can do anything I am very optimistic about my future.

Nick W.