Our Aims

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Though the process of Breath-work and Rebirthing as taught by Leonard Orr, we aim to enable and empower our attendees to come into balance and activate their ability clear patterns and traumas that restrict their personal transformation.  The healing energy is released in personal and group sessions will bring about fresh aliveness and the Creativity to live with positive awareness.

To connect with the power to heal and resolve old patterns, behaviours and beliefs. Gain for yourself full awareness of the importance and beneficial strength of good nutrition, exercise, breath and the natural rhythms of the body, soul and spirit. Integrate and absorb this knowledge as a life skill.

Learning to develop intuition and become able to distinguish between intellect, instinct and intuition when making life choices. Free from manipulation and compromise discover and recover how to stay in balance, enhance with confidence the ability to create your goals, visions and a life plan.