Non Violent Communication (NVC)



Nonviolent communication is a simple method that’s used to resolve conflicts and helps to connect with others. To practice nonviolent communication, focus on observations, feelings, needs, and requests.  Being able to name the emotion or feeling that the observation has triggered in you or to inquire what the other person is feeling. An important factor in the solving of problems is to maintain flexibility and exercise compassion.



How do I practice Nonviolent communication?

Our success relies on us to be able to recognise a need and act with  compassionate communication.


Is a Compassionate attitude essential?

For many people Compassion does not come as an attitude of choice. The key is in observation, understanding and empathy. In short finding the room in your heart to step back and listen.


Will I appear to be weak if I am compassionate?

On the contrary. Compassion takes inner strength. Think of Kindness, generosity, patience, love and care as being  the quality that underscore your words thoughts and actions.