Discover-Recover Workshops Seminars and Talks on Rebirthing.

Rita and Terry are unique individuals who have both discovered in similar ways, how to remain healthy in, Mind Body and Spirit. We have taken our learnings and teachings from great and effective healers at face value, and with that knowledge we are establishing strong and powerful events that lead attendees to achieve the tools and skills that bring about transformation. These skills are not simple or pretty theories but are sound ways to establish positive change.

We have been enriched with good powers of intuition, observation and foresight which are applied in our work and communicated to attendees.

We are dedicated to helping the attendees of our talks, Seminars,  Workshops and personal sessions, to gain the most from their potential.

What is Breath-Work?

In our definition it is the guided use of The Breath to reach, observe and release old patterns, buried and forgotten Traumas. This done by the combination of breathing fully and effortlessly, with conscious awareness and positive affirmation.

Why choose Rebirthing?

Other forms of Breathing therapies: Meditation, Yoga, Qigong etc are passive in nature.
Rebirthing, connects the conscious with the subconscious and allows us to see the patterns, traumas and conditioning that blocks us from moving forward. Rebirthing also provides a release from these events and the ability to move forward with positivity.

Who benefits from Rebirthing with Discover-Recover Events?

We sometimes find ourselves experiencing dis-satisfaction, staleness or day to day frustration,. It is not because there is anything particularly wrong but comes from a recognition that a change is needed that we haven't been able to make until now.

How does Rebirthing do that?

The Rebirther is trained and experienced to recognise the patterns within the breathing habits of the client. A simple enough process a full inhale followed by a relaxed exhale. Pay attention to the breath, see what happens and be amazed at what emerges and how easily it is released.

What makes a difference?

Your commitment to yourself and by having the trust in yourself to follow though. Recognising intuition and by being able to tell the difference between a self limiting thought and a positive idea. Lastly by being able see that you always have room for improvement.

Your Healing Power

The great gift in life is to have choice. It goes hand in hand with freewill. When we feel restriction and limitation we generate a feeling of powerlessness and low self-worth.  At Discover-Recover we aim to replace all doubts with a renewal of the self-responsibility.