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Discover & Recover        Your Healing Power 

Since our first steps into the adult world we have made decisions that contradicted the values and standards of our parents and childhood teachers. The cultural, family and personal rules and laws that we grew up with were contradicted by ever changing patterns of society.  The multicultural and global world we now inhabit gives rise to the opportunity to outgrow our initial beginnings.

Some of the changes fill us with doubts, misgivings even fears, we hold back. At Discover-Recover we are not talking about change for changes sake.  When we have a doubt it causes a restriction that a problem occurs.  Many of us have made significant changes in our lives and embraced the 21st Century.  That does not mean we can be complacent and not embrace greater liberation. It takes courage to face the blocks and issues that cause us physical, emotional mental or spiritual discomfort.

Awareness, is nothing to do with the aging effects of memory, flexibility or staleness. Loss of memory, stiffness and nostalgia are not a natural: Healthy living, Exercise and Looking Forward with Positivity are the  options we can encourage. An open mind is the way we left childhood. Taking part in any of the Discover-Recover events is an opportunity to benefit from the processes of all participants including the organisers.

Talks, workshops and Seminars With Terry Webber and sometimes with Terry Webber and Rita Schmid. Date to be announced    Steps to create change.
Discover–Recover gives us the ability to rise above blocks, to find courage to live life fully, by bringing awareness to the changes we can make.

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