Air Fire Earth Water

Elements are the tools of purification:

AIR: Breath clean air, in such as way as it is consciously done. The awareness comes by observing how you feel with each breath. Ask yourself. Am I comfortable, Is each breath easy or hard? Do I struggle to inhale? Am I pushing the exhale? Am I tired? Do I want to stop, if so why. Study your thoughts are they negative or positive, are some thoughts unacceptable? where do these come from. Do you have secret plans or aspirations do they engender optimism or fear. Accept each thought and return to the quality of the breath. Use the breath. Inhale positivity exhale negative energy. Raise the quality of your thoughts. Make your breath a tool for pleasure and decide that it is okay to feel pleasure, that love is a natural part of life.

FIRE: Around the world there are very few ceremonies that do not include Fire. Fire is at the root of all passion, it is the rising energy drawn up from the centre of the earth and connecting to our sun and central sun. It is contained in the spark of Divinity that came with us from the creation. Make simple ceremony with fire on auspicious days Soltus and Equivox, in everyday life to heat your food or your home. Make your energy strong with exercise, employ the breath of Fire. This is a Kundalini technique that heats up the body. Witness how the rising energy in your body leads to greater potential for life. affected by heat there are three energy centres in the body. The chest that heats the air and extracts the qi, the stomach that cooks the food and extracts the qi, the base that turns passion into action and keeps the blood stirring. The Body is cleansed and purified by Fire. Saunas and Inipi ceremonies are designed as purification processes.

EARTH: Is that which keeps us grounded and in touch with reality and clear headed. It is also the source of our food clothing and housing. In many cultures the Earth is referred to as Mother, Gaia and considered sacred. Form a good relationship with food. Keep a balance between eating and exercising. The better the quality of the food, the less tiredness you will experience. Food should be free from harmful chemicals, fresher the better, eaten in season and sourced within 1,000 miles. Clothing should allow your body to breath and move comfortably, housing needs to be harmonious with your nature.  There is a lot to be said for fasting. Many traditions recommend one day a week. This way you are able to eliminate toxins and form an opinion of the foods that disturb your energy. Each time you eliminate an addiction even partially a great feeling of victory will be your award.

WATER: It goes without saying that Water is a fantastic tool of Purification. To keep it short, clean drinking water is important. The most important thing that can be done for world health is to establish clean water free from pollution. It also rehydrates the body in a way that Soft drinks beverages and spirits cannot. Other liquids cause a strain on the organs and slow down the body energy. Bathing, in a bath or shower keeps our bodies clean and refreshes the aura. Once or twice a day is essential. A warm bath is pleasurable a long warm bath is bliss. A quick cold dip is energizing and exhilarating. These are feelings that are part of our aliveness that are available without going to the Ganges.

Paying attention to these benefit found in connecting with the natural elements will provide a harmonious relationship with your life.