About Terry



Terry Webber Born in London,  in Sussex and City of London College Moorgate. Began his career in Publishing & later successfully managing his family business.

Terry met early rebirthers Bill Stallings and Sheryl Lightfoot, became a rebirther. Trained by Leonard Orr and others was instrumental in establishing The Rebirth Society .

CURRENTLY  BREATH-WORK as a Registered Rebirther brings his collective healing skills and acute intuition is achieving good results. As a Rebirther, Seminar leader and Rebirth Trainer.

Other studies included:  Iridology with Brenda Coverdale, TCM Acupuncture with Peter Stanton, Active Birth with Janet Balaskas and Michel Odent, Facilitation skills with Parent Link, Crystal Healing and Flower Essence Making at Lucis College.

A major influence on Terry’s life has been the development of his personal health physically, mentally and emotionally. This has been achieved with the good practice of Meditation, Scaravelli Yoga, Tai Qi, Kundalini Yoga, Qi Gong, Doing, Ayurvedic Diet, regular Massage and Cranial

Pursuits include Stone Circle building with Ivan McBeth. Stonehenge and  Landscape activities with Marcus Mason Caroline Wyndham and Renchi Bicknell,  Walking Ley Lines and ancient pilgrim routes with Steven Ash. Terry has shares his understanding of the Medicine Wheel, Sweat Lodges and Vision Questing. His personal journeys have taken him to the high Himalayas (Kailash) The ElQui Valley of Chilean Andes and lately to Mount Shasta CA. .